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Shaving Like A Cowboy

Shaving Like A Cowboy PDP29504SV_Pre_de_Provence_Shea_Butter_Shave_Soap

Moving to 2013 and this is still the exact process required to get a perfect shave (and the perfect girl); nothing has changed. While most men consider shaving as a chore, with a small best shaving soap change of mindset it could be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable processes that you do for yourself each day. It’s time to start seeing your shaving routine as pampering yourself.

You will have discovered the best time to shave is right after a wash when your face is moist and your whiskers softened. Get rid of the harsh supermarket shaving creme and get a gel made from vegetable products. They won’t lather like supermarket soap, but neither will they damage your skin as much. Shave carefully.

Filskit Brute Mens Traditional best shaving soap is Shetland Soap Company’s other shaving soap product. It is like the Original Traditional shaving soap, but it is fragranced with special filsket brute fragrance, a special aromatic addition found nowhere else.

Personal taste is also important when choosing an organic soap. The scent should be something that you like. People prefer having a unique, sweet smelling scent when they are buying soap. If scent is vital, then choose organic soap with ingredients that will leave a sweet scent after you use. Some people are allergic to scent, therefore an unscented soap is ideal. It is possible to get a soap that is made from natural ingredients that nurture the skin and have no scent.

Then, when you’re done, use an alcohol-free toner that has no artificial fragrance. This will get rid of shaving residue, make the pores tighter, and gently help your skin recover from the razor blade scrape.

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A wet shave, no matter over which part of the body, should include the softening of the hair before applying the soap, cream or lather. Firm strokes with a sharp blade is important, specially the sharp blade part. Finally applying a moistening cream will do wonders with your skin.

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